Our Company is understood worldwide for producing wonderfully crafted style for positive ladies who understand their own design.

Each piece of their collection has actually been separately created, handmade and improved by the designers in their internal atelier to provide their signature quality and focus on information. From couture-inspired methods to elegant heritage materials, every Our Company garment has a story to inform.

Our company believe that those who operate in our worldwide supply chain need to be offered with the rights and defense of global labor requirements, as set out in our Code of Conduct. The Code covers a variety of arrangements, consisting of no child labor, safe working conditions, a living wage, no extreme hours and security of the environment. The Code kinds part of our general Ethical Trading technique which likewise consists of tracking and auditing of the supply base.

Our technique to Ethical Trading is to operate in collaboration with our providers based upon openness, co-operation and constant enhancement. We acknowledge that providers might in some cases deal with intricate difficulties in promoting our code requirements. Where this holds true, we help them in making continuous enhancements and frequently subsequent with them to make sure acceptable development is accomplished. We securely think that this remains in the very best interests of the labor force, as it is necessary that their incomes are safeguarded.